Club regulations

General Rules

  1. The club accepts sailboats and windsurfers only.
  2. The only motor vessels permitted to be launched or moored are the Club’s RIBs, Lifeguards and Marine Police crafts.
  3. Cars are allowed in the boat park area only for towing when necessary.
  4. The boat park area must be kept clean and tidy at all times. Boat owners should use only the space allocated to them.
  5. When launching boats, trolleys should be stored to one side of the slipway so that the launching traffic is not blocked.
  6. Boats hired from the club’s sailing center should be washed and put away properly immediately after a day’s sail.
  7. Sailors should keep personal belongings and gear in an orderly way. All belongings are left at owner’s risk.
  8. Use water sparingly. When done, coil the hose and shut off the water.
  9. In the manner of good seamanship, all sailors are expected to assist each other on and off the water.
  10. Respect the Duty Roster. Arrangements for a substitute should be made in advance directly between the members.
  11. Respect facilities, environment and gear. Wash and return all items to their original place, i.e. water hose, trolleys, tools, ropes etc.
  12. Guests are limited to three visits only. They are then expected to apply for membership if they wish to continue to use the facilities.
  13. Only sailors over 18 years old can sail single handed and should inform a fellow member that they will be out at sea.
  14. Sailors sail at their own risk at all times.
  15. The club has no obligation to monitor anybody’s sailing.
  16. Suitable personal buoyancy must be worn at all times when sailing.
  17. Never walk barefoot in the club's environment.
  18. The club has no liability to any member on land or at sea.
  19. A RIB is available only during regattas and club racing in order to assist people, not property.
  20. A RIB is used only by licensed drivers appointed by the club’s committee.
  21. Recoveries made by the RIB after the consent of the boat owner and during non-event days will be charged accordingly.
  22. Use private sailing gear: life jacket / sailing shoes / sailing gloves / water canister / sun-glasses with safety strap.
  23. The Club’s Committee has the right not to accept any membership (initial and/or renewal) at its discretion.

Boat Parking

Parking is allocated to boat owners according to the following criteria, in order of priority: 

  1. Participation in club racing
  2. Age of boat owner and physical abilities
  3. Class and general leisure usage of boats

Participation in racing is documented in the Musing & Results section. Maintaining your boat park position is crucial for safety reasons so that members at the Club can have an idea of who is at sea. Shifting boat positions of same class for any other reason is subject to private arrangement between the involved boat owners.

'Begafigo'' is a duly registered Club in accordance with The Societies and Institution Law, N. 57/1972, as amended, with Registration No.2677, & KOA Registration No. 615 



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